The Lazy Guide to Happy

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Chapter 1- page 9 NLP
Chapter 2 – page 22 Loving kindness meditation
Chapter 3 – page 34 – Put yourself into a flow state
Chapter 3 – page 44 – DR Benson’s relaxation response
Chapter 5 – page 73 – Neurolevels
Chapter 6- page 89 – Embody what it is to have reached your goals
Chapter 6 page 90 – Best possible self- visualisation
Chapter 7 page 98 – Wind down before sleep
Chapter 7 Page 78 – Yoga nidra
Chapter 7 Page 109 – 2-minute time out
Chapter 8 -page 119 -7 minutes to centre yourselves


This book is intended to be a helpful guide on the topics discussed. It is not written as a diagnostic tool or a treatment for any condition. Please be sure to consult a medical practitioner before you make any decisions that may affect your health, particularly before you want to take part in any of the audio exercises.
This is the author’s own interpretation of positive psychology and resilience and her own adaptations of the various interventions and tools.


Loving Kindness

Flow State

Dr Benson's



Your Best Future Self

Sleep Winddown

Yoga Nidra

2 Minute Time Out

7 Minute Centring