About me


I’ve had a 32 year rewarding career in law, working as a Barrister. Throughout that time I have been struck by the numbers of people whose lives have been blighted by their earlier experiences and who have had to carry the burden of those for a very long time . Of course in my professional capacity there was nothing I could do in that respect but it got me to thinking why through no fault of theirs did these people have to carry that burden for such a long time after the events had passed? This question was what drove my passion to find a therapy or modality which could achieve rapid results, enabling people to essentially peel back the layers of their environment, circumstances and any other external factors, and really tap into the gold within them. I did not want them to live with those experiences for a minute longer.

NLP really sang to me because it gets FAST results, achieving change without having to repeatedly return to those events and in fact sometimes the work can be done without having to verbalise the issue.

I was also a chronic insomniac for many years, rather inconvenient! Whilst lying in bed, fully awake one evening, scouring the internet for ideas on how to cure this I came across NLP and Hypnotherapy. Like a lot of clients, I had personally experienced some traumatic events in relation to loss and the work I do, which gave me the push to dive in headfirst.

NLP and Hypnotherapy had such rapid results for me that I made the decision to train with world renowned coach, NLP’er and hypnotherapist Ali Campbell (who I’m now fortunate enough to have as my Mentor) and help other people with these synergistic therapies. Learning how the mind works was life-changing for me and my clients.

I am very grateful to have used my love of language and communication in my ‘day job’ for so many years. Words are very powerful, how we use and misuse them can really impact on the reality we find ourselves in. Now I get to use the power of language and communication as an NLP and Hypnotherapy Practitioner helping clients break through their limiting beliefs, outdated thinking and fears which have been holding them back.

Throughout my career I have mentored young people both in the law and outside of my professional life. I have developed that experience into a bespoke transformational coaching practice which uses Hypnotherapy and NLP as required.

We are living in the most uncertain times; the pandemic has caused global anxiety. We are all in this together and yet how to cope as individuals? I believe that by working towards returning to our best perfect selves and discovering the diamond essence within we become best able to deal with ourselves and to provide assistance and support to those around us. Transforming from the inside out.


A little more about my background

I was adopted by amazing parents, they were hugely supportive of me my whole life, my biggest cheerleaders. As my career in law progressed, I became acutely aware of how fate can dictate how one’s path in life goes, I could very easily have become one of the children in care who I saw so often as clients or victims of crime because of their circumstances. This is another strong reason why I became an NLP and Hypnotherapy Practitioner, and Coach, we are all the same, perfect at our core and these therapies allow clients to tap into that truth.

I love the idea that there is nothing wrong with us, we are as we should be. It’s our learned behaviour that we work with. NLP and Hypnotherapy resets you back to you. They enable us to calm the chatter in our minds to gain clarity, take inspired action and live a life that excites us. It is change from the inside out .

I have ambitions for BC Connection and soon I’ll be launching my Foundation so that I can help young women who, because of their life circumstances have fallen through the cracks. Keep an eye out for that!

I would love to chat through how these amazing therapies can help you. I offer a free 30 minute consultation call to understand the things that are holding you back and the best route back to you.



  • Certified NLP Practitioner American Board of Neuro-linguistic programming.
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist and Transformational Coach – certified by the Complementary Medical Association. 
  • Trained with Larry and Cheryl Ellman – Ellman Hypnosis Institute.
  • Complementary Medical Association Licentiate Trainer in Resilience and Positive Psychology 
  • US PPCA Accredited Coach in Positive Psychology


You’re only ever one decision away from a different life. I’m looking forward to talking with you and helping you to make a difference – FAST.